Our Product

Syu Shu

Founded in September 2009 by Vicky Shu, Syu Shu was born because of Vicky's high passion on shoes. Syu Shu has a high understanding of quality workmanship, and high appreciation of premium exotic leather / skins .
Syu Shu is always about expressing yourself with the ultimate  fashion statement. And there is nothing more LOUD in making a statement aside from one’s shoes. Thus, Syu Shu are not your typical ordinary kind of shoes. Syu Shu offers premium shoes for modern women that will set them apart from the mass.
All products from Syu Shu are handmade with high quality workmanship in shoes.

Our Designer

Vicky Shu

An Indonesian singer who has high passion on shoes design. Her main signature is "killer" heel. Vicky is a collector of many kinds of shoes, she design it by her own, so that she can always find the best style of shoes to suit her dress or her daily appearance. Many of her friends is asking to have the same shoes as hers. So that she knew, it would be the future of Syu Shu.